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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Night

The lizards congregate at the top of the light post,
Just beneath the glass globe that attracts their feast.
Their tongues flick incessantly searching for sustenance
While the chirping emanates from their delicate throats.
I did not know that lizards even made noise aside from
The scattering of rocks or the scratching of scurrying claws.
The bouncing of bugs off of the sphere of their death
Is the only other sound on this quiet, solitary evening.
The cats hunt for the creatures who have lost their way.
Silently creeping, hugging the buildings plaster edges,
Only venturing beyond the safety of the wall for a moment,
Delicately leaping on their prey and then quickly running
Into the pitch black shadows with their coveted prize.
I watch this movie of life and death, waiting patiently
For her to call and come home and keep me company
While we watch the world go by for another night.

May 23, 2006