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Friday, December 02, 2005

Slipping into familiar habits

Slipping into familiar habits
Again, but isn’t that life,
A series of rituals performed
Out of historic routine,
Even the new experiences
Follow the patterns of the past,
Inescapable paths leading
Through the chaotic forest.

No use
Trying to fight it,
No point,
Raising up your fist,
No chance,
That we’re above it,
No hope,
Of any escape.

Rebel all we want because
We cannot accept the truth
Defined by our past
Even as we live our present
While writing our future
Time travel is possible
We are traveling through it
All the time.

Bring our stories,
To the table,
Make our legends,
Part of the history,
Sing our songs,
In the soundtrack,
Tell our tale,
While we can.

December 02, 2005